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CrossFit Pen Y Bont
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Olympic Weightlifting

Interested in the disciplines of Olympic weightlifting: the Snatch & the Clean and Jerk?

Here at CF PYB we have dedicated coaches who are fully qualified in weightlifting and have first hand experience of being under pressure and on the platform.

Weather big or small, little or large, old or young, olympic weightlifting can be taught to any person of almost any age, we have participants from 8 years old to 58.
We currently hold 2 specific olympic weightlifting classes a week, Monday & Wednesday at 7:30pm - the aim of this class is to break down both lifts and components of the lifts to make them as simple as possible (we aren't looking to lift the most weight as soon as possible, rather to focus on technique).

We have a specific area of the gym devoted to olympic weightlifting and equipment specific to the sport i.e. top standard barbells and training plate. We are affiliated with Welsh Weightlifting and in regular contact with the board pushing and striving to excel the standards

We are the only gym in Bridgend who currently has the facilities to focus solely on improving Olympic weightlifting standards from the average Joe to the elite lifter.


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