CrossFit Pen Y Bont

CrossFit Pen Y Bont
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My name is Alex Evans. From the moment I started, I have completely embraced CrossFit into my life and it has taken hold of everything I do. Some call it obsession, I call it passion. I was a member at a another CrossFit gym from when I first started, I have made friends, many of whom I consider family, my fitness levels have excelled to a level I never thought i could achieve down to great coaching, support and experiences I have had within the CrossFit community.

I have come to the point where I want to be part of that journey with someone else, I would love to be able to help someone overcome obstacles and see them. My sporting background came from rugby. I had played rugby for 10 years and loved it, being part of a team being able for other team mates to put their total trust in me made me thrive for fitness. CrossFit has given me an entirely different perspective on fitness, nutrition and life and I would like to share my experience and views with as many people as i can!

Since my first session I have never regretted doing a workout, although I ached likehell the day after it, the feeling was addictive and I have never had a doubt in my mind that this the sport is for me and most importantly, it is for anyone!

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